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Pirates of the Caribbean: Tides of War Game Game play
Game play
What are Secret Missions?
I want to know everything about the treasures' skills!
What are treasures?
What is Cave of the Abyss?
What is Alliance Raid?
What is Mermaid Island Conquest?
What is Cutthroat Cove?
What is World Boss?
Any tips for plundering merchant ships?
Any tips for hunting monsters?
Any tips for fighting the EITC?
I want to learn more about Resource Islands.
What are Notorious Pirates?
We would like to inform you Chances of winning items in each package
My Daily Quest was Not Counted!
A Captain who is 6 levels higher than me attacked me, then they used Peace Shield!
A Resource Island / Monster Disappeared!
I want to sell a ship I finished building, when my Dock is full
I want to check my Peace Shield logs.
What's the backdrop for "Pirates of the Caribbean: Tides of War"?
I see ships attacking my Gate in my Territory. What are they?
How do I stop other players from attacking my Territory?
How do I move my Territory?
How do I get Equipment materials?
How do I get Golden Dice?
I attacked and defeated an enemy Territory but I didn't get any Resources.
How do I get resources?
I see arrows on my pirates assigned to a ship when I zoom in. What does this mean?
What is an Assault?
What are icons on the Speed Up items?
What are Set Effects?
How do I make Equipment?
What are the item icons on top of monsters?
I want to delete an item in my inventory.
I can't tap the "Attack" button for Monsters.
Where can I check the duration of buff items?
What's the "Free" icon I see when I Upgrade my buildings?
Gibbs gave me tips but I didn’t get the bonus items.
How do I tell if my enemy is using Scout Disruption items?
How come our Power Lvl is the same but that player has higher ranking?
How to protect my territory from being attacked?
How to Level Up and increase Grade of Animal Companion?
What is the Island of Knowledge?
What is Alliance: Assault Defense?
What happens if our Alliance Fortress is destroyed during Alliance: Assault Defense?
What is Captcha System?
What is Cannibal Island?
What is Expedition Fleet Dock?
How do I level up Flagship?
What is 'Plunder Brigade'?
How to plunder 'Plunder Brigade'?
I have plundered 'Plunder Brigade' but it did not count in the rankings!
What is Jewel Socketing?
Can you explain the skills, features, and acquisition methods of each Treasure?
What is Premium Ship Tier Up Ticket?
How do I Tier Up my Ship?
How do I receive the Alliance Battle Reward?
What is the Animal Companion Collection?
What is the Tactician Reputation?
How do I acquire the Wanted Poster?
What is the Deco Collection?