What is World Boss? | Pirates of the Caribbean: Tides of War
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What is World Boss?

World Boss is an enormous monster that appear on every server, which can be defeated with collaborative effort of many Captains.

Follow the steps below to attack World Bosses.

[How to attack World Bosses]

1. When you attack World Bosses, you will only be spending Captain Stamina.

2. You can use individual attacks and Rally attacks. When you attack individually, your Peace Shield will not be cancelled. 

But if you use Rally Attack, your Peace Shield WILL be cancelled.

3. When you attack successfully, you will receive the results in a glass bottle and not through Battle Reports.

4. When the World Boss' HP drops to a certain level, it will move and reappear at a random location.

5. When the World Boss' HP hits 0 within given time, you will win rewards.

When you defeat the World Boss, you will receive rewards based on your contribution.

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