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What is Alliance Raid?

Alliance Raid is an event that requires Alliance members to join their forces and defeat Boss Monsters.

You need Boss Monster Summoning Scroll in order to carry out Alliance Raids and you can get these summoning scrolls as Daily Quest rewards when your Fortress level is 20 or higher.

When you use the Boss Monster Summoning Scroll, you can choose which monster you want to summon. When you choose a Boss Monster you want, it will be summoned near your Alliance Fortress.

But if you have not joined an Alliance yet, or your Alliance Fortress has been destroyed, or you have already summoned an identical monster, it will not be summoned.

Boss Monster can only be attacked through Rally Attacks and only the Alliance member that has summoned the Boss Monster can start the Rally to that Boss Monster.

If your Alliance fails to defeat the Boss Monster with the first Rally attack or within given time, you will have failed the raid.

Also, when you tap the Cancel Summoning button, the Boss Monster will disappear.

When you successfully defeat a Boss Monster, you will receive designated rewards and also bonus rewards depending on your contribution.

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