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What is Cave of the Abyss?

Cave of the Abyss is where you can test your own strength! You can find its location on the Sea Map. You have to sail to the Cave of the Abyss to use the Cave of the Abyss. There are two modes to the Cave of the Abyss: Normal and Hard. Please read on to find out more.

■ Cave of the Abyss There are 30 Stages of Normal Mode and Hard Mode each. You don't have to clear Normal Mode to enter Hard Mode.

■ Characteristics

1) The difficulty level will increase dramatically every 5 stages.

2) Every 10th stage will have [Boss Captains] that require special strategies.

3) Cave of the Abyss requires the following stamina: - Normal mode: 10, Hard mode: 20 (same for Unique Ships)

4) Even when your ship sinks in the Cave of the Abyss, it will not be reflected outside of the Cave of the Abyss. The Cave of the Abyss lets you fight progressively more stronger enemies from Stage 1 to 30, and every time you win, you will get great rewards! Once your fleet sails, you cannot change your selected ships. You can see your fleet's detailed information by tapping [My fleet]. When you choose the next Stage you want to try, the buttons mentioned below will show. Tap on them to discover useful information regarding your enemy.

■ Buff Information - You can check the buffs your enemy is using.

■ Details - You can check the enemy ships, Tacticians and pirates.

■ Strategy - You can see the replay of the Captains that successfully defeated this enemy.

1) Captain that had the lowest Power Lvl

2) Captain that defeated the enemy in the shortest time When you tap [Challenge], you will see the battle and the battle result in the form of a replay, and you will receive one to three stars depending on your strategy. You will receive rewards depending on the number of stars you have and the stages you've completed. Once you receive your rewards, you will get your next rewards after the next season starts - so don't forget to complete your challenges!

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