If I change my device or reinstall, can I still find my old data?
Yes. It is possible.Every game from Joycity saves its data on the Joycity platform.Even if you have to reinstall because you changed or formatted your phone,as long as you login with your Joycity account, you can safely reload data.This is called ‘Link Account’.■ How to Link Account- [Turn on Game] > [Captain Profile] > [Settings] > [Account] > [Link Account] > [Google/Facebook/Email]However, if you have canceled your membership, all data is deleted so it is impossible to bring back data. Due to
I lost the email account that I’ve linked.
We will help you out after asking several questions to confirm that it is you talking with us.If you have lost the email account you have linked, please make inquiries to our customer support with the information stated below added.[Pirates of the Caribbean: TOW Customer Support]■ Finding Lost Email Account1) Character Name : 2) Captain Level :3) Fortress Level :4) Amount of Gold :
I want to change the email that is registered.
Follow the route below to change the registered email to another.■ Changing Email- [Turn on Game] > [Captain Profile] > [Settings] > [Account] > [Link Account] > [Select Email] > [Change]
How do I get Mammoth Galleon?
Mammoth Galleons cannot be created at your Shipyard.You need to transform a ship you already own, using Premium Ship Tier Up Ticket.※ When you choose a ship to transform, the chosen ship will disappear.※ Ship levels will be inherited but stats you get from Upgrades / Calypso's Blessing will be paid back in Silver and reflected in Mammoth Galleon stats.※ You can Craft Premium Ship Tier Up Ticket at Shipyard using Premium Ship Blueprints.
I paid, but the products were not sent. (Send Request) > Google Play
First, we are truly sorry for the inconvenience.Please send us 1:1 inquires after checking the information below about unsent products after payment.1. Check Payment Information https://www.google.com/walletConnect to the link and login with your Gmail ID > Check payment information2. Follow the form below after checking the information and put in a 1:1 inquiry for quick support.[Go Straight to 1:1 Inquiries]★ Payment Reference- Market : Google Play Store- Payment Date : - Payment Amount : - Con