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What is Mermaid Island Conquest?

Mermaid Island Conquest is an Alliance Raid content where you can obtain rewards by hunting Boss Monsters.


Your Alliance must have the Mermaid Island Conquest Skill to be able to play.

There is a 4-hour cooldown time for Mermaid Island Conquest.


The daily limit is 4 times, and the Conquest trial count will be reset at 00:00 UTC.


When an Alliance Member with an R4 level or higher uses the skill, the Mermaid Island closest to the Alliance Fortress is activated, and you can hunt Mermaid Monsters for 10 minutes.


You can attack the summoned Mermaid individually or using Rally attacks. Just like other Raid Monsters, you will defeat the monster when its HP hits 0.


Once the HP of the Mermaid has reduced to a certain point, it will move (a maximum of 2 times) and become even stronger.


You can get rewards according to your accumulated contribution during the day. The more Contributions you make, the more Mermaid's Tears can be earned.


Lastly, please remember that when you've equipped Tier 3 or higher Seasoned Captain's Masterpiece Equipment Set, the damage you receive will be reduced.

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