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What is Cutthroat Cove?

Cutthroat Cove is a battlefield that is opened only to the 100 strongest Captains of each server, allowing them to battle each other until only the strongest one is left standing. The 100 strongest Captain will receive an invitation in the mail.

When you enter Cutthroat Cove, you will not be allowed to use certain items.

[Unusable Items]

- Peace Shield-related buffs

- Territory Move Tickets

- Gold recharging items

- VIP and Store items

- Random and Masterpiece Equipment Chests

You cannot use Territory Move Tickets and Peace Shield related items in Cutthroat Cove, but you can spend Gold to move your Territory and use Peace Shields.

The Captain with the most points at the end of Cutthroat Cove will be the winner.

You will receive rewards depending on your Final Ranking and Battle points.

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