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[TIP] With me, You are not a beginner anymore!

The War of Genesis - Battle of Antaria Walkthrough for Beginners


※ Battle

When you first start the game, you will control the Dark Prince and battle Ice’s Pandragon Paladins. You will get to experience the flow of battles, which is the most important element in the War of Genesis.

All battles will have the following process

1) Your hero’s turn

2) Select a skill to use

3) Choose the skill’s targets

Battles in the early game are easy, thanks to Cammy’s help, but there are key elements to learn about battles.


※ Type Chart

Water type is strong against fire type, fire type is strong against wind type, and wind type is strong against water type. Light and dark types have type advantages against each other when your heroes attack. Use the type advantages to your best.

On your heroes’ turns, you will notice that there are arrows of different color on top of enemy heroes’ levels. Blue arrow shows your attacks will be more effective. Red arrow shows your attacks will be less effective. In the early game, attacking enemy heroes with blue arrows will bring easy wins. If there aren’t any arrows, then your heroes are neutral against the enemy.


※ Skills and Effects

If you fight with Skeletons, Slimes, and Bats for the first time, then you will get buffs and debuffs on your heroes during the battle.

Each Skills has different targets and effects. Green and red icons on top of the heroes’ HP indicate buffs and debuffs. Buffs and debuffs can strengthen your heroes, or weaken your enemies. You should use both buffs and debuffs adequately to win in more difficult battles. You should also check each heroes’ skills carefully.

If you are affected by an unknown effect, then tap the icon. You can check the effects and the turns left on the effects.


※ First Kill and Crowns

When you defeat any monsters, Dark Armor, machinas and region bosses for the first time, you will obtain with special rewards.

This is called First Kill. If you want to level up quickly, you should find new enemies that you haven’t challenged. (Dark Armor does not give XP)

Also, you will receive up to 3 crowns if you defeat monsters with less damage to your heroes. If you obtain 3 crowns, the monsters become weaker. Start auto battles against these monsters!



※ Missions

If you complete main missions in the early game, you won’t have trouble in your progression.

Completed missions will change its color to green on the top left corner. Tap them to get rewards for the missions.


Lv.5 ~ 7

※ Heroes (I)

Follow the tutorial, and you will level up your hero for the first time.

All heroes will gain ATK, DEF, HP, and other stats when you level them up. However, each heroes will gain different amount of stats when they level up.

You will need resources and time to level up your heroes. Of course, you will need more resources and time at higher levels.

The tutorial only shows how to level up. Keep battling enemies and level up your choice of heroes.

[ Any time resources are used, it is displayed by ‘resources you have / resources needed’. ]


※ Machina

Machinas are usually used to move around the field, but they can also be summoned in battles.

Machinas can be summoned only once in each battles. Each machinas have its distinct type and skill. Use machinas strategically.

Machinas can also collect resources and scout. You can also research and train machinas.


※ Heroes from the early game

G.S.: HP Hero. He has a skill to taunt enemies. He can survive throughout the battle with his sustaining skills. He has a leader skill to boost allies’ HP.

Eiolin: Damage Hero. She either takes advantage of enemy buffs, or removes enemy buffs. She can choose her skills to attack strategically.

Rashid: Support Hero. He has a skill to remove allies’ debuffs and boost allies’ DEF.

Raymond: Damage Hero. He can attack all enemies with his skills. He can stun the enemies, which disables the enemies from taking their actions during their turns.

Thad: Heal Hero. He can heal all of his allies. He can put an enemy to sleep with his first skill. Sleeping enemies cannot take their actions during their turns. However, you can wake them up and remove the status effect by attacking them. Since all of Raymond’s skills can attack all enemies, he doesn’t pair up well with Thad.

 [ In this formation, Raymond will wake up enemies that were put to sleep by Thad. ]

※ Enemy Hero Information

Once you get used to your heroes’ skills in battles, you will want to know your enemy heroes’ skills. Tap on the enemy and the portraits at Formation to check their skills.


※ Airship Facility

Begin upgrading airship facility, starting from the Control Room. Similar to leveling up heroes, you will need resources and time.

You want to improve your facilities effects, or meet the requirements to start more research.

★ TIP. You will get attacked from other admirals once the beginner peace shield is removed at admiral Lv.7. Upgrade your Protective Deck to defend more efficiently.


※ Duran and El Gennaro

Duran: Defensive Hero. He boosts all allies DEF, and he is neutral against water, fire, and wind types as he is a light type.


Once you obtain Duran, you will get another machina to operate. You can now operate 2 machinas at once.

Moreover, you will also see another mission recommended under the main mission. Let’s double your progression!


※ Battle Spree

Battle spree will make your hunting much faster. Try battle spree against weak enemies. You can send a machina on battle spree to bring XP and resources while you try more challenging missions with your other machina.


※ Research

You might be little bit puzzled when you are told to research many times. Let’s move to the Laboratory to see the research categories available.

- Leadership: You can increase your stamina and entries to various contents. You can also reduce upgrade time.

- Battle: You can upgrade heroes’ stats during battles.

- Resources: You can obtain more resources or reduces resource costs.

- Hero gear: You can craft hero gear sets and upgrade main option’s stats on hero gear.

- Airship gear: You can craft airship gear sets and upgrade main option’s stats on airship gear. You can start these research at admiral Lv.18.

You will need more time, resources and higher level Laboratory as you research.

You should prioritize research that unlocks the next research. However, you can continue to do research you think are beneficial to your progress.


※ Speed Up

Whilst doing research, there are times where you feel Diamonds are too costly. Speed Up items will come in handy if you don’t want to spend Diamonds.

Speed Up items can be used anytime you need to wait. There are Speed Up items which can be used on facilities, heroes, machinas and research.

If you use Diamonds without any hesitation, then you might not have enough Diamonds when you really need them.

Diamonds can be used not only to speed up, but also to recharge stamina, purchase resources and much more. You should keep some Diamonds with you just in case.

[ Various kinds of Speed Up items ]

 ★ TIP. Diamonds reduce time by 20 seconds, but Speed Up items reduce time by 5 minutes. Take your free speed up time and Speed Up items into account when you want to speed up your progress. Sometimes, using Diamonds can save you a Speed Up.

[ If you just use speed up items, you would waste a 5 mins Speed Up ] 

[ Use only 3 items and use VIP benefits to reduce rest of time. ]

Lv.8 ~ 10

※ Hero Gear (I)

Craft hero and airship gear at the Forge. There are limits to getting gear that you want by hunting monsters and clearing dungeons. Therefore, you’ll craft most of gear you want.


※ Craft

Hero gear is one of the most important elements in the War of Genesis. Depending on your gear, you can even defeat higher level heroes! You will need Eld and Aedilium to craft. Raise your VIP level to increase the maximum number of gear to craft at once. All gear have a main option, and will have up to 4 sub options. Let’s focus on the options you need rather than number of options on your gear.

[ It looks awesome, and it has great options. ] 


※ Upgrade

Good hero gear can be great hero gear with some upgrades. Each successful upgrades will get +1 to your gear, and you can upgrade hero gear up to +10. Stats on your gear will increase as you upgrade more. While main options are always enhanced, under a set pattern, but sub options are upgraded randomly. It will be extremely difficult to get gear with perfect sub options of your choice. You will use Aedilium to upgrade gear and you will use more Aedilium as you successfully upgrade your gear.

The chance to successfully upgrade your gear will decrease as you get more upgrades on your gear. You should try to upgrade all of your gear evenly.


 ★ TIP. Sell your unused gear! You will receive Aedilium back, so sell unnecessary gear and use Aedilium to upgrade.


[ ATK% sub option was enhanced on Attack Set gear. ]    

[ To successfully upgrade 5★ hero from +6 to +7, you will need 480K Aedilium on average. ]


※ Machina Dungeon

Your very first battle with Lv.10 Asura is a first big challenge for you. There are 3 battle waves, and bosses like machinas are immune to debuffs. Moreover, Asura has a skill to recover its HP.

The best way to deal with Asura is to use many water type heroes such as Eiolin, Thad and Mharid. These heroes all have type advantages and Eiolin’s skills benefit from Asura’s buffs.

Heroes with heals provide great sustainability, since Thad’s heal and Mharid’s regeneration will be able to minimize damage against Asura’s powerful attacks.

[ The skill names make Asura more fearsome. ]


Lv.11 ~ 13

※ Heroes (II)

Heroes at Lv.13 or above can upgrade their skills.

Ideally, you would want to upgrade all of heroes. However, you won’t have enough resources to upgrade every hero you have. Thus, you will have to pick and choose to upgrade the heroes you use often.


※ Skill Upgrades

Fruits of Wisdom, required for skill upgrades, can be obtained by defeating the Dark Armor. If you haven’t slacked off and spent all your points to battle the Dark Armor starting at admiral Lv.9, you should have enough Fruits of Wisdom to upgrade some of your heroes’ skills at admiral Lv.13.

Skills with many upgrades will be much cheaper to upgrade, but harder to notice the difference. However, skills with fewer upgrades, or skills that reduce skill cooltime, are much more expensive to upgrade, but make huge differences in battles.


Lv.14 ~ 16

※ Collect Resources

The best and the fastest way to obtain resources is by hunting monsters. If you don’t have enough stamina, then you’ll need to find an alternative. At admiral Lv.14, you can defeat monsters at resource mines and collect resources. You can choose either Eld or Aedilium Mines to attack. Your machinas’ capacity decide how much Eld or Aedilium you get from the mine at once. If you haven’t upgraded machinas’ capacity, now is the best time to upgrade.

 [ You will also be able to plunder more resources from other airships with higher machina capacity. ]


※ Janus

At admiral Lv.15, you will obtain another machina, Janus. If you’re used to operating two machinas at once already, then the third machina will help you even more. Send two machinas to battle spree, or to collect at mines.


※ Kashumir Joust

In Kashumir Joust, you will be able to check your opponent’s defense teams and plan ahead strategically. At the beginning of the season, all players in Kashumir Joust will receive the same amount of points. If you win, you will get more points. If you lose, you will lose some points. Your goal is to get as many points as possible, and to place into higher rankings. You can also obtain points by defeating the opponents that challenge your defense team. If you have a strong defense team, then you don’t have to worry about losing your points you worked hard for. If you’ve received Honor Points as ranking rewards, then head over to the Honor Shop and purchase items you want to upgrade your heroes.

[Everything you need is here!]


※ Hero Gear (II)

At admiral Lv.16, you can also craft 2★ Focus, Deathblow, Accuracy, and Resistance set gear. You shouldn’t have too much trouble starting Kashumir Joust battles with these 2★ gear with +4 to +6 upgrades.


Lv.17 ~ 19

※ Region Boss and Airship Gear

You’re now ready to battle with region bosses, which reside the field’s each area. You can also craft airship gear using airship gear materials from defeating region bosses. It is better to gradually upgrade your airship gear, since it is expensive to craft and upgrade airship gear. If you craft and upgrade airship gear like hero gear, you won’t have any resources left.



※ Heroes (III)

Starting from admiral Lv.20, your heroes will get more ways to power up.


※ Ruins Dungeon and Awakening Heroes

Awakened heroes not only change in their appearance, but also can unlock new skills. In order to awaken your heroes, you will need to get Philosopher’s Stones (types). Bosses at the Ruins Dungeons are gigantic and powerful, just like Asura at machina dungeons. However, you should be able to defeat them as long as you have the appropriate hero formations. Pyramid, and Castle of Ice are the easier to clear, since you can bring heroes with type advantages to go through the dungeon. You would want to bring defensive heroes, or heroes with a lot of HP to Inferno Dungeon, since you will need to survive for a given number of turns to clear the dungeon. Yggdpaine of the Magic Tower is the most powerful boss in all Ruins Dungeon. Challenge him with your best formation.

[Double the type, double the difficulty!]


※ Gem Skills

When you have Lv.14 Forge and Laboratory, you can research Gem Upgrade. Gems on your gear in itself isn’t a big change. However, each heroes can activate gem skills to improve their abilities even more. First, you will need to collect secret items for each of the heroes. For instance, you will need ‘Secret of Eiolin’ for Eiolin and ‘Secret of Rashid’ for Rashid. You have to set Eiolin or Rashid in the leader position and defeat monsters to obtain Secret of Eiolin or Secret of Rashid. It is not easy to collect the secret items, because they are rare and you need a lot of them to unlock gem skills. Once you have collected all the secret items, you can unlock the hero’s gem skill. Each of your unlocked gem skills will require certain gems on your equipped hero gear to activate the gem skill. You will progress much faster if you plan ahead and collect secret of heroes and match your gem’s color on your gear to activate gem skills.

[There are many requirements to upgrade, but it is also very important.] 


※ Hero Gear (III)

With all the methods that can strengthen your heroes, you’ll also need to change your heroes’ gear.

If your heroes get new skills by awakening, then you may want to change their gear to better suit the heroes.

If your heroes want to get gem skills, then you may want to change to gear with gems. Pass on old gear with good options and upgrades to other heroes with similar characteristics.


★ Other

※ War and PVP

Battle with other admirals can occur at any time.

There will be admirals who play like invaders. Sometimes, a small conflict between two admirals can evolve into a war between two guilds. Always be wary of your surroundings, and try to save your Diamonds in case you need to use Peace Shields.

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