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What is Arena?

Arena is the content that you can have battles with all Admirals in entire servers.

It consists of Solo Arena and Guild Arena.

If you win against the opponent in Arena, you can get point from the opponent.

After the season ends, your rank and Arena League will be decided according to your points obtained.

If you select "Practice Mode', it will not deduct your Arena Entries and it will not be reflected to your point as well.

■  Defense Team

- You can set defense teams to fend off attacks from other Admirals.

- A defense team consists of up to 4 heroes, and assigned heroes will auto-battle when attacked by other Admirals.

■  Honor Point

- You will still get points even if you lose.

- You can buy items at Honor Shop with honor points.

■  Arena Point

- If you win in the Arena, you will receive Arena Points. And, you will not lose the point even if you lose.

- Arena Points are used to purchase items at Honor Shop.

- Arena Point expires at 00:00 UTC every day.

 ※ If you are defeated by the same opponent consecutively 4 times or more, it will not added to your loses,nor take your points even though Arena Ticket is used.

■  Arena League

- You will belong to Silver, Gold, Platinum or Legend league depending on your Arena Point. And, you can be promoted or demoted any time.

- When a new season begins, your league will be decided based on the number of your Arena participation.

- Each league has its required minimum participation, and if you fail to satisfy the requirement, you will be demoted to the inferior league tier 3.

■  Arena Title

- According to your Arena ranking and wins, you can become a title holder.

■  Guild Arena

- All guilds consist of 3 areas, which are Rampart, Outside Castle, and Inner Castle.

- Guilds will be entered automatically if at least 10 guild members have Arena defense teams.

- Once you are matched with another guild, your changes to the defense team will not be reflected until the match ends.

- All guild members will be automatically located in each area according to their power levels.

- Your guild will win if your guild scores more points within the time limit than the opposing guild.

- Clearing the areas will grant bonus scores.

- Guild Arena season is a week-long event where there is a match per day, so a total of 7 matches, in each season.

※ You cannot receive season rewards if you leave the guild.

■  Sparring Mode

- You can have sparring mode with your guild members.

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