[NOTICE] We would like to inform you Chances of winning items in each package *
Hello, admirals! This is the GM of "The War of Genesis: Battle of Antaria". We would like to inform you chances to obtain items by Summon Heroes, opening random boxes, and purchasing random packages.Please check the details below. 1. Summon Heroes ※ The chance to obtain "Special Hero or 600 Essences/ Type hero or 600 Essences" at the first summon is 1%.   ▶ If you cannot obtain the hero or essence, the chance of obtaining items will be applied like below.※ If you fail to obtain "Special Hero or
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The War of Genesis - Battle of Antaria Walkthrough for BeginnersLv.1※ BattleWhen you first start the game, you will control the Dark Prince and battle Ice’s Pandragon Paladins. You will get to experience the flow of battles, which is the most important element in the War of Genesis.All battles will have the following process1) Your hero’s turn2) Select a skill to use3) Choose the skill’s targetsBattles in the early game are easy, thanks to Cammy’s help, but there are key elements to learn about
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The War of Genesis - Battle of Antaria Play by Play Guide (up to Lv.20)   [Admiral Lv. 1 ~ 15] When you first start the game, you will play the game with tutorials.If you follow the tutorials, there will be nothing difficult. 1.Tutorial Heroes You will start the game with tutorial heroes, and you can use them until the middle phase of the game depending on your usage. It is difficult to play with only few heroes, so you should grow various heroes steadily.  1) G.SG.S. is a hero that benefits the
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The War of Genesis - Battle of Antaria, Gear Guide As all RPG Games do, having powerful gear is important in the War of Genesis as well. The difference in gear can change the outcome of battles. Thus, it is recommended to craft, upgrade, synthesize for good gear. The following guide explains what types of gear are available for your heroes and the recommended sets depending on the hero’s characteristics. First, there are total of 8 hero gear sets. Depending on the number of same set gear equippe
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The War of Genesis - Battle of Antaria Ruins Dungeon Walkthrough It is one of the main contents in the War of Genesis. You can get Philosopher’s Stones from Ruins Dungeons to awaken your heroes.There are 4 Ruins Dungeons: Water, Fire, Wind, and Light and Dark. There are total of 16 Ruins Dungeons, and 4 of each dungeons on the north, south, east, and west of the World Map.There are total of 7 floors on each Ruins Dungeons.As you challenge higher floors, you will face higher level monsters. Of co