Frequently Asked Questions
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My account has been blocked. Why?
Based on the usage and the management policy, when you play the game inappropriately, your account will be blocked.In order to accurately confirm the reason why the account has been restricted, we would like to ask you to write your nickname when submitting your inquiry to our 1:1 customer support. We will guide you once the nickname is confirmed.
Payment issue Payment issue
The payment was processed, but I did not receive my Product ☞ (Google PLAY Store)
First of all, we are very sorry for the inconvenience caused by the payment error.If you did not receive the product after your payment, please check the instructions below and sign up for 1:1 customer support.■ Requirements1) WARSHIP BATTLE UID: (you can check your 'UID': [Main Screen] -> [Profile] -> Check UID)2) Google gmail account used for transaction :3) Date/Amount of payment/The name of purchase : 4) Transaction No. : 5) Required information for iTunes : (Product Sent / Cancel transaction)※ Verifying Gmail information : [access Google Play Store] -> [click the Ξ button in the top left]
Payment issue Payment issue
I want to cancel my transaction for Purchases ☞ (Google PLAY Store)
Do you want to cancel your transaction?Check the FAQ and submit the following details to the customer center to claim back your purchase.■ Required information from Google PLAY1) WARSHIP BATTLE UID : (you can check your App Center ID in the game's [Main Screen] -> [Settings] -> [Other Settings] -> Check UID)2) Google gmail account used for transaction :3) Date/Amount of payment/The name of purchase : 4) Transaction No. : 5) Required info from Google PLAY Store : (Product Sent / Cancel transaction)※ Check on Gmail : [Access Google PLAY Store] -> [Click the Ξ button at the top left]※ NOTE: If you already have used some of the purchased Products, we cannot cancel and refund your transactions. ※ The PLAY Store / AppStore has the final authority over cancellation of the transactions. which may cause it to take several days until your cancellation request is fully processed.
About Game About Game
What is Boss Attack?
Boss Attack is a mode where you fight against a prepared bossto obtain rewards such as Dollars, Gold, Recruit Officer Tickets etc.You can use all ships that are not in the Museum,but if you go over the time limit or if there is no more HP, you cannot reuse the ship until reset.■ How to play Boss Attack[LOBBY] -> [BATTLE] -> [Boss Attack] -> Select ships and touch [START]
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I can't load or start the game! How can I fix it?
This happens when a wireless network is unstable or when your mobile device lacks in capacity or RAM, or when a certain file got omitted during a resource update.Please delete the game and re-install the latest version of WARSHIP BATTLE in a place where the network is stable.■ Deleting WARSHIP BATTLE1) phone configuration -> Application (Application program) -> WARSHIP BATTLE -> Cache delete, data delete -> Elimination 2) Please delete through the above method and use ASTRO app to confirm that the below folder has been deleted. - Delete Folder : [com.joycity.warshipbattle]- Folder Location : [Android] -> [Data] -> [com.joycity.warshipbattle]3) If the related folder exists, delete it and re-install the latest version of the game.