Warship Battle Payment issue Payment issue
I want to cancel my transaction for Purchases ☞ (Google PLAY Store)

Do you want to cancel your transaction?

Check the FAQ and submit the following 

details to the customer center to claim back your purchase.

■ Required information from Google PLAY

1) WARSHIP BATTLE UID : (you can check your App Center ID in the game's [Main Screen] -> [Settings] -> [Other Settings] -> Check UID)

2) Google gmail account used for transaction :

3) Date/Amount of payment/The name of purchase : 

4) Transaction No. : 

5) Required info from Google PLAY Store : (Product Sent / Cancel transaction)

※ Check on Gmail : [Access Google PLAY Store] -> [Click the Ξ button at the top left]

※ NOTE: If you already have used some of the purchased Products, we cannot cancel and refund your transactions. 

※ The PLAY Store / AppStore has the final authority over cancellation of the transactions. 

which may cause it to take several days until your cancellation request is fully processed.

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