Warship Battle Payment issue Payment issue
The payment was processed, but I did not receive my product ☞ (iOS)

First of all, we are sincerely sorry for the payment error.

For iOS (iPhone), since Apple is responsible for all payment procedures, you may need to check with Apple Store before sending requests to us. If you want to cancel the payment, please follow the steps below.

1) Please click inquiries to Apple support, then select iPhone.

2) ① Click iTunes Store, App Store or iBookstore button.

② Check on 'The service is not shown in the given category' and write 'I have a problem for the in-app transactions'


3) If you click the [Input] button on the top, you can see the Continue button below as shown in the picture below. Click the [Continue] button to proceed.

4) Then, click e-mail on the solution page.


5) ① Please fill in the contact information with your name/E-mail.

Also, please check the following details.

- Device : The device you use ((ex) iPhone 4s)

- Application: WARSHIP BATTLE

- Order Number : Order Number for the payment error.

- Reason for refund : Fill in details (ex_The payment was processed, but I did not receive anything.)

② When you fill out all the contents, please click [Continue] button to complete the application.

※ If you have difficulty with confirming the order Number, please check the link below.

- iTunes Store/ Mac App Store: Purchase record / shortcut to order Number reference page.

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