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Hero Ball Z Guide #Resources


1. Research Coin

- Use to upgrade research categories at the academy.

- Obtain from daily quest and combining heroes.


2. Gold

- Mainly used to level up and evolve heroes.

- Obtain from clearing stages, returning from stages, and treasure chest.


3. Ruby

- Use to purchase items from Shop or Hero Ball Production Boost.

- Obtain from treasure chest, achievement, daily quest, and etc.


4. Diamond

- Currency that can be used to purchase various items at the shop.


5. Novice Piece

- Use to obtain items such as SR Hero Mystery Box, Evolve Stone, and many more at Trade Center.

- Normal Novice Piece: Obtain by combining Tier 10 Novice.

- Expert Piece: Obtain by combining experts.


6. Artifact Coin (Gold Artifact Coin, Silver Artifact Coin)

- Use to draw Artifacts. (Different draws based on the type of Artifact Coin)


7. Artifact Evolve Stone

- Use to evolve Artifact.


8. Star Coin, Super Star Coin

- Star Coin is used to level up the Commander.

- Super Star Coin is used for Limit Break for the Commander.

(Limit Break is a level up system to level up for certain levels)


9. Mojo

- Used to level up Heroes of a certain level or power stations.


10. Cell

- Used to upgrade heroes' stats and channeling level. Can also be used for Power Up Stations.

-Obtain by returning from stages, dismissing heroes, and Type Battle.

11. Supply Box Limit

There is a limit for amount of Supply Box you can get per day.

-  The Daily Limit for Supply Box: 120

Additionally, Supply Boxes can only be given online.

After receiving a Supply Box, a new one is sent after 60 seconds. A new batch of Supply Box will be sent 60 seconds after receiving the previous batch.

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