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Hero Ball Z Guide #Artifact (normal, PLUS)

 Normal Artifact

An Artifact can increase the stats of a hero. Each artifact has a corresponding Hero which can activate its exclusive equip effect.

The following shows how to check your Artifact and evolve them:

- [Inventory] > [Artifact]

- [Hero] > [Detailed Info]


[ How to obtain an Artifact]

- Use Silver Artifact Coin or Gold Artifact Coin at [Artifact Draw]

- Mileage is accumulated for Premium/Event Draw, and when 100 points are reached, one SSR Artifact can be obtained.

* In the mileage draw, only SSR Artifacts of 24 the original SR/SSR Heroes can be obtained.

* The Artifact that can be obtained is different for each draw category, and the details of event-related draws that changes periodically can be found on a separate notice.


 [How To Evolve Artifact]


- When you first acquire an Artifact, you’ll obtain it as ★1. You can evolve your Artifact to ★5.

- Use regular Artifacts and EXPer, which is a material exclusively used for Artifacts to level up the selected Artifact and gold + Artifact Evolve Stone to evolve Artifacts.

* The required materials for evolving may differ depending on the grade.

* Any exceeding amount after evolve will be returned as an EXPer.


 Plus Artifact


A Normal Artifact that have reached the maximum evolution (promotion) stage can be crafted into Infinity, Plus Artifact through Forge


Plus Artifacts has a stronger hero-only equip effect, and the basic equip effect increases as you level up.

※ Normal Artifact > Infinity Artifact > Plus Artifact

※ Only normal SSR-Class Artifacts can be crafted into Plus Artifacts.

※ Infinity Artifacts and Plus Artifacts can be crafted in Forge.


[How to Craft (make) Infinity Artifacts]

- ★5 Artifact + Gold Artifact Coin = ★5 Infinity Artifact

※ Each infinity artifact can only be crafted 1 time.

※ Infinity Artifact shown in the Artifact Collection are the new Infinity Artifacts.

※ The effect of the crafted Infinity Artifact may differ from the Infinity Artifact that is released previously.

※ Plus Artifacts cannot be used as a material for the current Infinity Artifact.

※ Please contact customer support to if you would like to exchange you existing ★5  Infinity Artifact for the equal grade of the new Infinity Artifact.


[How to Craft Plus Artifacts]

- ★5 Infinity Artifact + 3 of the same attribute of a designated ★1 normal Artifact = Plus Artifact Lv.1

※ Each plus artifact can only be crafted 1 time.


[How to evolve Plus Artifact]

1. How to evolve Plus Artifact

- Any Artifact or XPer + Gold

※ The amount of gold required for leveling up is may differ for each level.

※ The exclusive equip effect does not increase when leveling up the plus Artifact after fusing the Artifact.

※ Depending on every 100th level, the value of the Artifact effect will greatly increase.


2. How to Limit Break for Plus Artifact

-When the Plus Artifact reaches a certain level, you can increase to the next level after the Limit Break.

-The [PLUS] Artifact can be obtained through Premium Draw / Event Draw / arena Artifact Draw.

- [Plus] Artifact kit x1 + Ruby

ex) Limit Break for Lv.100 Marie’s Bunny Ears Plus Artifact: [PLUS] Artifact Kit x1 + Ruby x1,000

※ The amount of Ruby required for Limit Break is may differ for each level.


[Plus Artifact Fuse]

- Plus Artifact + the same ★5 Arena Artifact

-You can combine the same type of arena Artifact with Plus Artifact to be used on stage, PVE content, and arena.

- The exclusive equip effect for fused Plus Artifacts is the same as the current Arena Artifact.

ex) Marie’s Bunny Ears Plus Artifact + ★5 [Arena] Marie's Bunny Ears

※ The exclusive equip effect for Arena Artifact and Fused Plus Artifact does not overlap when used on stage and arena.

※ Fused Plus Artifacts cannot be undone nor reset.


[Transfer Artifact Progress for Plus Artifact]

-Enhance Transfer is a function that allows you to transfer the growth rate from high level Plus Artifact to low level Plus Artifact.

- It is possible to transfer the growth of Plus Artifacts.

- Artifact Transfer Shot is required for the process.

- When transferring the enhancement, the artifact that receives the transfer will gain 100% of the growth, while the other will reset.

※ It is only possible to transfer progresses between Artifacts.

※ The amount of material require for the transfer may vary depending on the Artifact and Level.

※ The Artifact Transfer Shot can be obtained from the Shop .


[Enhance Transfer Example]

Higher Level Artifact to Send Enhancement 

Lower Level Artifact to receive Enhancement

After Enhance Transfer Process

Artifact A (Level 100)

Artifact B (Level 1)

Artifact A (Level 1)

Artifact B (Level 100)

Artifact A (Level 100)

Artifact B (Level 50)

Artifact A (Level 1)

Artifact B (Level 100)


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