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Hero Ball Z Guide #Deck Preset

By selecting heroes, artifacts, and skills in each preset slot, you can use the preset deck using the dispatch button; up to three preset decks can be saved.


-When creating a preset deck, the artifacts that is equipped by a hero will not appear on the artifact list. The artifact will be available on the list once you remove it from the hero on [Hero> Hero Details].

-On each preset deck, a single artifact cannot be used on multiple heroes at the same time.

(Heroes can only be equipped with a single artifact)

-If the deck saved in the preset deck is dispatched (playing), all the artifacts of the hero participating in other battle modes will be replaced with the artifact that is saved in the dispatched(playing) preset deck. (Hero can only be equipped with one artifact at a time.)

-If the same hero composition is divided into two presets decks and are used in both the stage and the arena, when the preset deck with arena artifacts is dispatched for arena battles, all the heroes that are in the stage battle will be equipped with the same arena artifacts.

Therefore, after completing arena battles with the preset deck with arena artifacts, you must return to the preset page and dispatch heroes with regular artifacts.

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