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Hero Ball Z Guide #Arena


1. Arena


You can save your attack and defense deck to participate in battle against other Guardians in Arena.

The Arena type, schedule, and rewards will depend on your account registration date 


- Min Level: Level 110

- Number of Tries: 10 tries per day

(1 Recharge per day/ 10 additional tries for every recharge)

-Arena Refresh

1) Every 00:00 UTC

2) End of every season

- Season renewal: Every 7 days


- Within 9 days upon registration

- The Initial Arena season is divided into 3/6/9 days

- Rewards are given based on the New Season Arena.



- There are both Guardians who is stronger and weaker than you based on your Rating Points(RP) will be shown in the list randomly.

- You can obtain RP as you win the battle.

-RP will not decrease even when you lose in a battle.

- You can obtain much higher points if you win against Guardians who has higher RP than you.

- The list of opponents is shown at random.

- As season ends, you can obtain the ranking reward based on your final RP.

- You can save your Hero and Artifact information as you set the attack and defense deck.


※ Please renew your deck in order to make any changes

※ Character growth status, team color effect, artifact effect will only be applied in Arena, whereas other buffs such as owned buffs, union buffs, and commander buff will not be applied.


   2. Arena Rewards    


 * Image is produced in test server 


- If you are in the top 200, you will be eligible to get special rewards to activate conditional buffs according your ranking.

- Arena conditional buffs will be activated only 7 days from the given date regardless of the activating date and you can apply the buffs at the conditional buff menu.

(If you claim the rewards after 2 day of the season end date, the buff will be applied for 5 days.)

- If you are the Top 1, 2, or 3, your nickname and chat message color will be changed for a certain period of time.

- You can check your rewards at Arena > Arena Leaderboard > Arena Rewards.


※ Please note that you can claim the rewards at the first login after the season ends and you will not be eligible to claim the rewards for previous season when the next season starts.

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