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Hero Ball Z Guide #Daily and Weekly Contents

During the 2022/1/26 maintenance, the Alphabet Collection and Climb-Up Reward has been reorganized.

See below for more details.

<Alphabet Collection>

Current: Acquiring the alphabet when clearing the boss stage

Change: Probability of acquiring alphabets when clearing the normal stage (Normal Region and Type Region are the same)


- Climb-Up subdivision (Normal Region and Type Region)

- Climb-Up Rewards improved


See below for more details.

▶ [1/26 Update Maintenance Notice]



1. Daily attendance measured and daily rewards reset

 Daily attendance and rewards are reset everyday at 00:00 UTC (17:00 PDT).


2. Alphabet Collection Bonus

* Alphabet Collection unlocks at Lv.40

If you defeat boss monsters while advancing in stages, you will receive a random alphabet letter.

When all 9 letters in 'HEROBALLZ' are collected, you can receive the Alphabet Collection Bonus reward.


Just a reminder, when you get all the rewards you can get for the Alphabet Collection, you may not get any other rewards for that day.


The Bonus lists are reset everyday at 00:00 UTC (17:00 PDT).


3. Stage Climb-Up

<Normal Region Climb-Up>



<Type Region Climb-Up>


Climb-Up is a content that allows you to obtain rewards according to your stage record.

When entering the Type Region, it changes to the Climb-Up (Type Region), and when re-entering the Normal Region, you can check the Climb-Up (Normal Region).

The stage battle is divided into several groups and divided according to the section, and the reward standards for each region are applied as follows.


<Normal Region>

1) 10,000 stages or less: Rewards provided according to the cleared stage

2) 10,000 stages or more: Rewards based on ranking

※ Even if you clear 10,000 stages or more, but you do not rank in the top 200, you will receive a 10,000 stage clear reward.


<Type Region>

- Rewards are based on individual ranking and accumulated point rewards according to the amount of points acquired when clearing the stages during the season.

※ Type Region Climb Up ranking is calculated by adding up 4 Type Region points.

※ Even if you clear stage 350 or higher, but you do not rank in the top 200, you will receive a reward for clearing stage 350 or higher.

※ You can check the detailed rewards by rank of Normal Region and Type Region Climb-Up in [Climb-Up > Reward List].


Please check below for more details:

1. Stage Battle will take place weekly, on Wednesdays at 00:00 UTC (17:00 PDT).

2. Please press [Join] to participate in Climb-Ups.

3. When you overtake a certain percentage of opponents, your rewards will increase.

Rewards are sent on weekly reset time.

4. After receiving the rewards, tap on [Join] against new players to battle again. 


※ The first 9 days after joining, new heroes will form a separate group.

※ New Heroes can earn rewards according to the top '%' as of 3/6/9 days after joining.

※ New Heroes can participate through the general battle group after 9 days, and it will start automatically.

※ General battle group will be separated from the normal user group after 9 days to 30 days.


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