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Hero Ball Z Guide #Type Battle/Training Chamber

 New type of battles have been added during the 12/9 maintenance.


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1. Type Battle

Type Battles are divided into two main types: Basic type battle and attribute type battles. By completing the attribute type battles, you can obtain Skill Crystal, Golum Core, Type Stone and Cells.

As the level increases, difficulty and rewards increase.


- All Types Battle (Current Type Battle)

You can use any hero, and it resets every day at 00:00 UTC.

When completing the stage, you can acquire cell and Golum Core based on the stage.


- Day-to-day Type Battle

Only heroes with specific types can be used, and the battles open for each day are different.

When completing the stage, you can acquire Skill Crystal and Type Stone based on the stage.



Type of Battles

Day Open

Required Hero Types


Type Battle

Always Open

All Heroes

Cell +Golum Core

Edge of the End



Wind Stonel + Wind Cell

Volcanic Zone



Fire Stone + Fire Cell

Underwater City



Water Stone + Water Cell

Forest Border



Wood Stone+ Wood Cell

*Open time for day-to-day battle is based on UTC time.


※ Remarks on Type Battle

- Basic Type Battle and Day-to-day Type Battle opens at Lv.80.

-The number of tries is applied individually for each battle.

-The 'Increase Daily Type Battle Limit' in the VIP Benefits is applied individually to the Day-to-day Type Battle.

-When using preset deck in Type Battle, heroes that do not meet the conditions will be excluded from the deck.


2. Training Chamber

The training chamber is where you can acquire various items by defeating training opponents for each stage.

Training opponents get stronger as the stage increases, but the rewards also increase in proportion.

Cleared stages cannot be challenged again, and there is no limit to the number of daily challenges.

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