Q. I cannot download or launch the game
A. The problem may occur when the network environment is unstable      or the OS version doesn’t meet the minimum specifications.      It may occur also when there is not enough space in your device memory(RAM).      Please try the step below at the stable network environment.   ■  How to get additional device memory : Clear data and cache in installed Apps in your device. - Tap on [Sett
Q. I would like to restore my terminated account
A. After terminating your account, if you log-in within the 15-days grace period, the termination is cancelled and all game data will be recovered. However, should the 15-days grace period pass, unfortunately we are unable to recover the account as all account data has been removed.
Q. What are the maximum levels for the different Hero ranks?
A. The maximum level and upgradable entry varies according the Hero ranks, as listed below:     Class R Class Lv. SR Class Lv. SSR Class Lv. ★4 300 300 300 ★5 600 600 600 ★6 900 900 900 ★7 1200 1200 1200 Super-evolve 1(1/3) 1300 1300 1300 Super-evolve 1(2
Q. What is an Expert?
A. When combining two Tier 10 Experts, you have a higher chance of obtaining an upper level Hero. You can only combine Experts of the same tiers.   Please see below details on how to obtain Experts: 1. You can obtain an Expert for every 20,000 novices dispatched       (You can check dispatched amount next to the Hero Ball after tapping on Menu) 2. Event rewards 3. Purchase items at the mark
Q. I want to terminate my HeroballZ account
A. You may terminate your HeroballZ account via the game settings. ※  Please note a 15-days grace period will occur when you apply          for the termination of your account, and all data will be deleted after the grace period.