Q. I cannot download or launch the game
A. The problem may occur when the network environment is unstable      or the OS version doesn’t meet the minimum specifications.      It may occur also when there is not enough space in your device memory(RAM).      Please try the step below at the stable network environment.   ■  How to get additional device memory : Clear data and cache in installed Apps in your device. - Tap on [Sett
Hero Ball Z Guide #How to Get More Heroes
1. Hero BallWhen the Hero Bal's (Dispatch) gauge is filled, you can call a Tier 1 Novice  Click on the Hero Ball to bring up a Novice.※ There is a daily limit for the number of Hero Ball dispatches.If the maximum limit has been reached, the recharge speed will slow down.You may check the remaining Dispatches next to the Hero Ball and check for the speed with the hourglass icon. 2. Combine HeroesCombine two novices of the same tier to receive a novice of the next tier          (Press down on the
Q. I would like to restore my terminated account
A. After terminating your account, if you log-in within the 15-days grace period, the termination is cancelled and all game data will be recovered. However, should the 15-days grace period pass, unfortunately we are unable to recover the account as all account data has been removed.
Hero Ball Z Guide #Heroes
1. How to get Heroes- You can obtain a random Hero by combining two Tier 10 novices or Experts.The maximum level and upgradable entry varies according the Hero ranks, as listed below:   (Updated on 2020.10.14)ClassR Class Lv.SR Class Lv.SSR Class Lv.★4300300300★5600600600★6900900900★7120012001200Super-evolve 1(1/3)130013001300Super-evolve 1(2/3)140014001400Super-evolve 1(3/3)150015001500Super-evolve 2(1/3)152515251525Super-evolve 2(2/3)155015501550Super-evolve 2(3/3)160016001600Super-evolve 3(1/
Hero Ball Z Guide #Channel
1. ChannelYou may use channel functions to heroes that rank ★6 or above.The main hero’s combat power will increase in accordancewith the combat power and the type of the hero selected to channel. Channeled hero can no longer participate in battles.You can use the hero in battle once again after stopping the channeling. However, resources will be used to stop channeling. 2. Channel Level UpgradeYou can use type cell of main hero to upgrade the channel level.Once you upgrade the channel level, the