Don’t you want to teach Armada Warders a lesson with your military?You need different kinds of units to attack them in Gunship Battle: Total Warfare.This guide will help you to understand the different types and roles of [Units]. You’ll be a step ahead of everyone after reading this guide!1. Ships- Ships are used to battle at sea. - You can produce ships from the [Shipyard].- You can own more ships with a higher level Shipyard.- There are frigates, submarines, and destroyers. The ships have type advantages as shown on the bottom.2. Armored Units- Armored units are used for land battles.- You can produce armored units from the [Armory].- Armored units consume food and you can check food consumption per hour at the Commissary.- You can own more armored units with a higher level Commissary.- There are APCs, Tanks, and SPGs. The armored units have the following characteristics. ◎ Tanks: Minimize the damage to allies at the front line. ◎ APCs: Have a great balance between attack and defense and perform well in the center of a battlefield. ◎ SPGs: Have excellent range and firepower to support allies from the back but they have weak armor.3. Jet Squadrons- Jet squadrons are used for air battles.- You can produce jets from the [Jet Factory].- You can own more jets with a higher level Hangar.- There are 4 tiers of Jets: Normal, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Higher tier jets have better stats.- You can produce jets using resources and jet blueprints. Jet blueprints are used to level up jet squadrons as well.4. Missiles- Missiles are used to defend your base.- You can build missiles from the [Missile Factory].- There are anti-air missiles and anti-ship missiles. The missiles have the following characteristics. ◎ Anti-Air Missiles: Decrease damage done by enemy bombardment from jets. ◎ Anti-Ship Missiles: Damage enemy ships and armored units landing on your base.This concludes the guide on [Units].Use the appropriate units to dominate your opponents!
Welcome to the guide!You need powerful troops to win a war.Your abilities as an admiral also become crucial in war.From this guide, you can learn more about[Equipment] to increase your abilities as an admiral!So let’s get the guide started!1. Munitions Plant- You can craft your equipment at the Munitions Plant.- You can craft equipment with more slots at higher level Munitions Plant.- You can also get 1 extra slot on each kind of equipment at VIP Lv.10.2. Choosing Parts and Materials- There are 6 kinds of equipment: Headgear, Uniforms, Boots, Primary Weapons, Secondary Weapons, and Accessories.- You can tap unlocked slots and select materials to add onto your equipment.- You can obtain equipment materials by defeating Armada fleets.  Armada levels determine the kinds of materials you can obtain.3. Details from Parts and Materials- After choosing the materials to add,  you can check the silver and time it takes to craft the equipment, the chances for success for each equipment tier and the range of stats on the equipment.4. Crafting and Equipping- Once you craft equipment, you will see the time it takes to finish the equipment. You can use Gold or Speed Up items to shorten the process.- Once the crafting has finished, you can see the equipment’s tier and stats.- You can disassemble, upgrade, or equip your new equipment at the bottom of the menu.- Go to Admiral Info to check your current equipment.This concludes the guide on equipment.Bon Voyage!
Have you ever encountered an enemy too tough to handle on your own?Wouldn’t it feel great if you could count on a friend or two to help you out?If that’s how you feel, now is the perfect time for you to join an [alliance]!If you want to know more about alliances,this is where you will get all the information you need about it!1. Alliance Menu- Tap the [Alliance] icon on the bottom left corner to enter the alliance menu.◈ Alliance Benefits- Receive support from your alliance members to reduce time on construction and research projects.- Receive various buffs from alliance research.- Station your base in the alliance territory and utilize various alliance buildings. - [Rally] with alliance members to take down powerful enemies together.2. Create and Join an Alliance- You can create or join an alliance if you are not already in an alliance.- Choose an alliance on the list to see the details and the requirements to join the alliance.◈ Tips on Creating an Alliance- You need Gold to create an alliance.- You need a unique alliance name and abbreviation.- You can change the abbreviation and the alliance symbol after the alliance is created. - It’s free to change the alliance abbreviation, but it costs Gold to change the alliance name and symbol.- You can change the requirements and methods to accept new alliance members after the alliance is created.3. Alliance Buildings- Once the alliance building starts to build, alliance members can support the construction to finish the building.- To place an alliance building, you need to place the Alliance Base first.- Within the alliance territory around the Alliance Base, you can place all other alliance buildings.◈ List of Alliance Buildings- Alliance Base: It can be placed at sea and it creates an area around it as the alliance territory.- Alliance Depot: It can store and protect alliance members’ resources from enemies.- Alliance Air Defense System: It attacks all enemy jet squadrons attacking the alliance.- Alliance Assault Base: It makes a small area around it as an alliance territory. You can place several of these assault bases.- Alliance Wall: It blocks all ships, including ally ships, from passing through.- Alliance Naval Mine: It detonates when an enemy ship approaches to attack the alliance.- Alliance Radar Base: Its function is to block enemies from scouting alliance members within the territory.4. Alliance Research- There are 4 buff categories to research: Attack, Defense, Construction, and Production.- Alliance research can be started by alliance members ranked R4 or above.  - Alliance research only progresses when an alliance member contributes resources.This concludes the brief guide on [alliances] in Gunship Battle: Total Warfare.Meet up with awesome comrades at your alliance! Stand united!
What’s at sea in Gunship Battle: Total Warfare?
Welcome to the guide!Do you ever wonder what’s at seain Gunship Battle: Total Warfare?You won’t miss a detail if you follow this guide! 1. Armada Warders- Armada Warders are placed in different zones based on its level.- Each Armada Warder consists of fleets of varying levels.- Once you defeat Armada Warders of a certain level, you will receive a first victory reward and be able to auto battle other Armada Warders of the same level.- You can obtain admiral XP, resources, equipment materials, and memory chip boxes by defeating Armada Warders.2. Armada Bases- Armada Bases are similar to alliances that are placed in their territory.- In each Armada Base, there are Armada Warders of similar levels.  - Higher level Armada Bases are more frequent towards the center of the sea on the map.- You will get additional rewards after defeating Armada Bases of each level for the first time.- You can receive resources and Armada Loot Boxes after defeating Armada Bases.- If you attack Armada Bases on fire, you won’t be able to get Armada Loot Boxes, however, you can still get the remaining resources from the base.3. Resource Islands- Resource Islands are initially under the influence of Armada Defenders.  - Once Armada Defenders at the island are defeated, you can collect resources on the island.- The level of Resource Islands determines the amount of resources and the number of defenders on the island.- Higher level Resource Islands are more frequent towards the center of the sea on the map.- If you leave your alliance or move your base while collecting,  your fleet will stop collecting and return to your base.4. Other Admirals’ Bases- There are bases owned by other admirals at sea.- You can scout, rally attack, air strike, or attack other admirals’ bases, but you will not be able to do so when they have Peace Shields activated.- You can check their admiral info to see their levels and equipment, and send them a private message or mail.- When you attack another admiral’s base, you will use war points.  If you don’t have war points, you will not be able to plunder resources from other admirals even after a successful attack.5. Trade Cities- Trade cities are located at fixed locations.- You can send ships to a trade city to buy or sell trade goods.- There are conquests to determine who gets to own a trade city. Once an alliance conquers a trade city, the alliance will receive a city buff.Moreover, the alliance can set a trade tax on goods at the conquered city.This concludes the guide about the sea in Gunship Battle: Total Warfare.You are now ready to explore and enjoy life at sea as a fine admiral!Bon Voyage!
Welcome to the guide!Did you know that in Gunship Battle: Total Warfare,there is a way to get a lot of [Silver] without battling?You can get Silver by [Trading].After reading this guide, you’ll get to know a ton more about [Trading].So let’s get the guide started!1. Trade Warehouse- You can start or manage your trades from the [Trade Warehouse].- You can level up your Trade Warehouse to raise its capacity.2. How to Start Trading- You can’t start trading without any trade goods at your disposal.- You can check the trade goods and its price once you select a trade city on the Sea Map.- For each trade city, you can send a ship. You cannot send a ship to a trade city from your aircraft carrier.◈ The prices on each trade good constantly change  but the prices shown on the Trade Warehouse updates every 10 minutes.3. Purchase Trade Goods- Once your ship arrives at a trade city, you can buy or sell trade goods.- The purchased and current price difference will be shown in percent (%).- Each trade good has a different price and capacity, and you can purchase trade goods as long as you have enough Silver and cargo space to ship the goods.- If an alliance has conquered the trade city and set trade taxes, a portion of Silver used to purchase trade goods will be given to the alliance.- If you are from the alliance that conquered the trade city, you will be exempt from trade taxes.4. Sell Trade Goods- You can only sell trade goods if the goods are available in the city as well.- After you have purchased your trade goods and set sail, you will see recommended trade routes for the goods that you have purchased.- When you arrive at a trade city with your goods, you can check the profit made from selling the goods in the [Sell] tab. - Your Silver earned will be reflected once you return your ship back to your base.This is all there is to [Trading] in Gunship Battle: Total Warfare.Admirals, set sail now and make a fortune!Bon Voyage!