Don’t you want to teach Armada Warders a lesson with your military?You need different kinds of units to attack them in Gunship Battle: Total Warfare.This guide will help you to understand the different types and roles of [Units]. You’ll be a step ahead of everyone after reading this guide!1. Ships- Ships are used to battle at sea. - You can produce ships from the [Shipyard].- You can own more ships with a higher level Shipyard.- There are frigates, submarines, and destroyers. The ships have type
Welcome to the guide!You need powerful troops to win a war.Your abilities as an admiral also become crucial in war.From this guide, you can learn more about[Equipment] to increase your abilities as an admiral!So let’s get the guide started!1. Munitions Plant- You can craft your equipment at the Munitions Plant.- You can craft equipment with more slots at higher level Munitions Plant.- You can also get 1 extra slot on each kind of equipment at VIP Lv.10.2. Choosing Parts and Materials- There are
Upgrade Chance Rate
Hello, Admirals!We'd like to announce the chance Rates for Equipment Upgrade, Ship Limit Break, and Jet Upgrade Plus.Please read below for details:※ Last Update on April 5, 2022 PDT (April 6, 2022 UTC)■ Equipment Upgrade Chance Rate Normal (excluding Accessory)StageChance RateGreat Chance RatePenalty0 > 1100%5.00%No change in upgrade level1 > 2100%5.00%No change in upgrade level2 > 3100%5.00%No change in upgrade level3 > 4100%5.00%No change in upgrade level4 > 580%3.50%Decrease by 1 level from t
Have you ever encountered an enemy too tough to handle on your own?Wouldn’t it feel great if you could count on a friend or two to help you out?If that’s how you feel, now is the perfect time for you to join an [alliance]!If you want to know more about alliances,this is where you will get all the information you need about it!1. Alliance Menu- Tap the [Alliance] icon on the bottom left corner to enter the alliance menu.◈ Alliance Benefits- Receive support from your alliance members to reduce tim
What’s at sea in Gunship Battle: Total Warfare?
Welcome to the guide!Do you ever wonder what’s at seain Gunship Battle: Total Warfare?You won’t miss a detail if you follow this guide! 1. Armada Warders- Armada Warders are placed in different zones based on its level.- Each Armada Warder consists of fleets of varying levels.- Once you defeat Armada Warders of a certain level, you will receive a first victory reward and be able to auto battle other Armada Warders of the same level.- You can obtain admiral XP, resources, equipment materials, and