Gunship Battle: Total Warfare Guide

Have you ever encountered an enemy too tough to handle on your own?

Wouldn’t it feel great if you could count on a friend or two to help you out?

If that’s how you feel, now is the perfect time for you to join an [alliance]!

If you want to know more about alliances,

this is where you will get all the information you need about it!

1. Alliance Menu

- Tap the [Alliance] icon on the bottom left corner to enter the alliance menu.

◈ Alliance Benefits

- Receive support from your alliance members to reduce time on construction and research projects.

- Receive various buffs from alliance research.

- Station your base in the alliance territory and utilize various alliance buildings. 

- [Rally] with alliance members to take down powerful enemies together.

2. Create and Join an Alliance

- You can create or join an alliance if you are not already in an alliance.

- Choose an alliance on the list to see the details and the requirements to join the alliance.

◈ Tips on Creating an Alliance

- You need Gold to create an alliance.

- You need a unique alliance name and abbreviation.

- You can change the abbreviation and the alliance symbol after the alliance is created.

 - It’s free to change the alliance abbreviation, but it costs Gold to change the alliance name and symbol.

- You can change the requirements and methods to accept new alliance members after the alliance is created.

3. Alliance Buildings

- Once the alliance building starts to build, alliance members can support the construction to finish the building.

- To place an alliance building, you need to place the Alliance Base first.

- Within the alliance territory around the Alliance Base, you can place all other alliance buildings.

◈ List of Alliance Buildings

- Alliance Base: It can be placed at sea and it creates an area around it as the alliance territory.

- Alliance Depot: It can store and protect alliance members’ resources from enemies.

- Alliance Air Defense System: It attacks all enemy jet squadrons attacking the alliance.

- Alliance Assault Base: It makes a small area around it as an alliance territory. You can place several of these assault bases.

- Alliance Wall: It blocks all ships, including ally ships, from passing through.

- Alliance Naval Mine: It detonates when an enemy ship approaches to attack the alliance.

- Alliance Radar Base: Its function is to block enemies from scouting alliance members within the territory.

4. Alliance Research

- There are 4 buff categories to research: Attack, Defense, Construction, and Production.

- Alliance research can be started by alliance members ranked R4 or above.  

- Alliance research only progresses when an alliance member contributes resources.

This concludes the brief guide on [alliances] in Gunship Battle: Total Warfare.

Meet up with awesome comrades at your alliance! 

Stand united!