Gunship Battle: Total Warfare Guide

Welcome to the guide!

You need powerful troops to win a war.

Your abilities as an admiral also become crucial in war.

From this guide, you can learn more about

[Equipment] to increase your abilities as an admiral!

So let’s get the guide started!

1. Munitions Plant

- You can craft your equipment at the Munitions Plant.

- You can craft equipment with more slots at higher level Munitions Plant.

- You can also get 1 extra slot on each kind of equipment at VIP Lv.10.

2. Choosing Parts and Materials

- There are 6 kinds of equipment: Headgear, Uniforms, Boots, Primary Weapons, Secondary Weapons, and Accessories.

- You can tap unlocked slots and select materials to add onto your equipment.

- You can obtain equipment materials by defeating Armada fleets. 

 Armada levels determine the kinds of materials you can obtain.

3. Details from Parts and Materials

- After choosing the materials to add, 

 you can check the silver and time it takes to craft the equipment, the chances for success for each equipment tier and the range of stats on the equipment.

4. Crafting and Equipping

- Once you craft equipment, you will see the time it takes to finish the equipment. You can use Gold or Speed Up items to shorten the process.

- Once the crafting has finished, you can see the equipment’s tier and stats.

- You can disassemble, upgrade, or equip your new equipment at the bottom of the menu.

- Go to Admiral Info to check your current equipment.

This concludes the guide on equipment.

Bon Voyage!