Gunship Battle: Total Warfare Guide
What’s at sea in Gunship Battle: Total Warfare?

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1. Armada Warders

- Armada Warders are placed in different zones based on its level.

- Each Armada Warder consists of fleets of varying levels.

- Once you defeat Armada Warders of a certain level, you will receive a first victory reward and be able to auto battle other Armada Warders of the same level.

- You can obtain admiral XP, resources, equipment materials, and memory chip boxes by defeating Armada Warders.

2. Armada Bases

- Armada Bases are similar to alliances that are placed in their territory.

- In each Armada Base, there are Armada Warders of similar levels. 

 - Higher level Armada Bases are more frequent towards the center of the sea on the map.

- You will get additional rewards after defeating Armada Bases of each level for the first time.

- You can receive resources and Armada Loot Boxes after defeating Armada Bases.

- If you attack Armada Bases on fire, you won’t be able to get Armada Loot Boxes, however, you can still get the remaining resources from the base.

3. Resource Islands

- Resource Islands are initially under the influence of Armada Defenders. 

 - Once Armada Defenders at the island are defeated, you can collect resources on the island.

- The level of Resource Islands determines the amount of resources and the number of defenders on the island.

- Higher level Resource Islands are more frequent towards the center of the sea on the map.

- If you leave your alliance or move your base while collecting, 

 your fleet will stop collecting and return to your base.

4. Other Admirals’ Bases

- There are bases owned by other admirals at sea.

- You can scout, rally attack, air strike, or attack other admirals’ bases,

 but you will not be able to do so when they have Peace Shields activated.

- You can check their admiral info to see their levels and equipment,

 and send them a private message or mail.

- When you attack another admiral’s base, you will use war points. 

 If you don’t have war points, you will not be able to plunder resources from other admirals even after a successful attack.

5. Trade Cities

- Trade cities are located at fixed locations.

- You can send ships to a trade city to buy or sell trade goods.

- There are conquests to determine who gets to own a trade city. 

Once an alliance conquers a trade city, the alliance will receive a city buff.

Moreover, the alliance can set a trade tax on goods at the conquered city.

This concludes the guide about the sea in Gunship Battle: Total Warfare.

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enjoy life at sea as a fine admiral!

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