I lost the email account that I’ve linked.
We will help you out after asking several questions to confirm that it is you talking with us.If you have lost the email account you have linked, please make inquiries to our customer support with the information stated below added.[ONE Customer Support]■ Finding Lost Email Account1) Character Name : 2) Lord Level :3) Castle Level :4) Amount of Gold : 5) Any Other Info :
I want to login using another account
You can easily login with another account by following the route below.■ How to Login with Another Account- [Turn on Game] > [Lord Profile] > [Settings] > [Account] > [Logout] > [Choose Login]※ However, if you select 'Start Now', you will be given a guest account. Since it may be difficult to login again with the same account after logging out, please link your account beforehand.※ How to Link Accounts- [Turn on Game] > [Lord Profile] > [Settings] > [Account] > [Link Account] > [Facebook/Email]
I want to change my password
Follow the route below to easily change the password for your registered email ID.■ Changing Registered Email ID’s Password- [Turn on Game] > [Lord Profile] > [Settings] > [Account] > [Link Account] > [Email] > [Change Password]In order to change the password, you need to put in the current password.If you have lost your password, check your registered email ID.Then logout to use the 'find password' function.■ How to Check Email ID- [Turn on Game] > [Lord Profile] > [Settings] > [Account] > [Lin
I paid, but the products were not sent. (Send Request) > iOS
If you use an iOS, and your product has not been sent after payment,you can file a request in the following way.[How to Check App Store Payment History]1. Turn on iTunes and login2. Account > Look at My Account3. Click the right of recently purchased products and then click look at all4. Click on the arrow of a payment history that has an error and check the detailed history. Take a screenshot. (Keyboard Print Screen Button)References > https://support.apple.com/ko-kr/HT204088※ Select the file a
I paid, but the products were not sent. (Send Request) > Google Play
First, we are truly sorry for the inconvenience.Please send us 1:1 inquires after checking the information below about unsent products after payment.1. Check Payment Information https://payments.google.comConnect to the link and login with your Gmail ID > Check payment information2. Follow the form below after checking the information and put in a 1:1 inquiry for quick support.[Go Straight to 1:1 Inquiries]https://joycityone.zendesk.com/hc/ko/requests/new★ Payment Reference- Market : Google Play