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My game keeps on shutting off

There may be several surrounding reasons for the game shutting off abnormally.

First, if the wireless network is unstable, a message saying 'check the connection' may pop up. 

We recommend you to play in a stable internet environment. (Wi-Fi / LTE)

Also, if there is a shortage of memory or RAM within the device, the game may abruptly shut off.

In this case, delete unused applications or data such as pictures and videos for more memory. 

If there is enough space, the game should run smoothly. So we highly recommend you to secure enough space before playing.

Finally, if the game is shutting off suddenly after an update or reinstallation, 

it may be due to several files not being downloaded properly. 

So although it may be tedious, please delete the game completely and then install the latest version.

■ How to Delete the Game (AOS)

1) [Cellphone Settings] > [Application Manager (Application Program)] > [Pirates of the Caribbean: TOW] > [Delete Cache, Data] > [Delete] 

2) Connect USB or use the ASTRO app to check if the folder below is deleted

* Folder to delete : [com.joycity.POTC]

* Folder location : [Android] > [Data] > [com.joycity.POTC]

3) If the folder still exists, delete it and reinstall.

* The name or saved location may be different for each device.

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