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What is Alliance Battle?

Captains can come together with their Alliance to compete in head to head combat against Alliances across Servers!


Preparation > Matchmaking > Battle Round > End of Round > Ranking

- Preparation Time: Bolster your defenses and apply for participation

ㄴ Rank R4 and R5 Alliance members are eligible for participation

ㄴ Other Alliance Members can each register up to 5 Defensive Fleets

ㄴ Rank R4 and R5 Alliance members can register their Defensive Fleets after applying

ㄴ At least 30 Defenders must be registered to participate

ㄴ Ships registered for Defense can also be used for Attacks

ㄴ All Alliance Members can participate as Attackers, regardless of being selected as a Defender or otherwise

ㄴ Depending on the number of registered Defensive Fleets, a participating Alliance’s starting Defense Score will reflect these designations accordingly

- Matching Phase: Match-ups

ㄴ Only Alliances that have completed their participation application during the preparation period can participate

ㄴ Once matchmaking begins, a Defensive Fleet Formation can no longer be modified/changed

- Battle Round: Start of Battle!

ㄴ The respective match-up is revealed and the Round will begin immediately

ㄴ An enemy Fleet will then need to be selected to be attacked

ㄴ Competing Fleets will then accumulate damage. Regardless of whether an attack fails, other Alliance Members can continue the attack phase

ㄴ When a Fleet’s Power Level is reduced to 0, that Fleet is sunk and will no longer be able to compete

ㄴ When a Fleet Sinks, the Alliance’s total Defense Points will decrease, reflecting the points associated with the sunk Fleet

ㄴ Additional Defense Points will be deducted if all Defending Fleets have been sunk

ㄴ Additional Defense Points will be deducted if an entire Fleet is sunk

ㄴ Ships, Officers, and Animal Companions that have already been used for an attack cannot be used until the next round

- End of Round: The Alliance with higher points wins!

ㄴ Reward Boxes can be accessed from the Round Reward UI

ㄴ Rewards will vary based on the League, Rank, and the win/loss ratios

ㄴ Alliance Members will be chosen at random to receive a larger participation reward

ㄴ Reward Boxes can only be acquired by Alliance Members who have attacked at least once during a round

ㄴ Only one Reward Box can be opened per participant

ㄴ The victorious Alliance will have higher chances of acquiring greater rewards

- Season Ranking

ㄴ At the end of the season, Ranking will be calculated based on scores achieved from participating rounds

ㄴ Ranking Rewards will be sent to all participating Alliance Members based on the overall Ranking achieved

ㄴ Ranking Rewards will only be sent to Alliance members who have attacked at least once during a round

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