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What is Expedition Fleet?

Expedition Fleet is a content that can be used as another territory by stationing it at a designated location in the sea by sailing ships stored at the Spare Dock.

You can deploy the 'Expedition Fleet' to carry out various activities such as Monster Hunts, Fortress attacks, and more!

※ The Expedition Fleet sails in the same way as the other Ships, and you can reduce the required Voyage time by using the Expedition Fleet Speed Up item or Gold.

※ An Expedition Fleet that sets sail will stay at sea until a retreat to the Fortress is initiated.

 - When a Flagship's Durability reaches 0, it will automatically return to its Territory.

※ Once the Expedition Fleet embarks upon the said expedition, the Expedition Fleet cannot be redirected.

※ Captains cannot use the Expedition Fleet to engage in Throwing Bait, Battle of the Storm, and Tortuga Brawl.

※ Expedition Fleet and Territory Fleet can conduct separate, simultaneous rally attacks, but they cannot participate in the same rally attack.

※ You cannot join a rally attack of your Expedition Fleet with the Fleet in your Territory.

※ You can manage the features of Ships that have been assigned to the Expedition Fleet, such as Level Up, Upgrade and Decorate, but the sale of said ships is not permitted.

※ Peace Shields do not apply to the Expedition Fleet. However, Resources plundered from the Fleet are less than that of Territory attacks.

※ An attacked Expedition Fleet will still be combat-capable, remaining active with whatever Ships you have left.

※ Ships in the Expedition Fleet can only have Pirates assigned that have been allocated and available to the Flagship. 

※ Ships in the Expedition Fleet do not defend on Territory when attacked.

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