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What is Chronicle?

Chronicle is a content where missions are added depending on the age of the respective server.

There are Individual, Alliance, and Server Missions. Rewards can be redeemed upon completing Missions

Depending on the progress of Chronicle, MAX Fortress level, Port City Conquest, Port Royal and more contenst can be available.

※ When transferring to a Server, Chronicle status will be changed depending on the Chronicle progress of the Server and Alliance. 

- Example: If you transfer to B Alliance with the progress of 900/1000 from A Alliance with 400/1000, the progress of 900/1000 will be applied on your Captain. 

- When transferring to another Server, the Mission status will remain as completed if Mission Rewards have already been received. 

※ In existing Servers, the Fortress Level Achievement Rewards will be available for Captains who have already achieved the required level.

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