The War of Genesis: Battle of Antaria Game Airship Facilities
Q.What is Research

For winning battles and efficient management, there are 6 categories of research, which are Leadership, Battle, Hero, Resource, Hero Gear, and Airship Gear.

★ How to Research

- Airship -> Laboratory

★ Categories of Research

  ■ Normal Research

     - Leadership: Makes Admiral's abilities more powerful 

     - Battle: Increases all abilities related to the battle such as ATK, DEF, and SPD

     - Hero: Heroes can be obtained if the requirements are fulfilled. Abilities and Stories of the Heroes are also able to be viewed.

     - Resource: Increase speed of collecting resources, or Decrease the amount of spending resources.

     - Hero Gear: Improves skills of crafting gears and ability of gears.

    - Airship Gear: Improves abilities of the airship

  ■ Advanced Research

     - Hero HP: Increases Hero HP

     - Hero ATK: Increases Hero ATK

     - Hero DEF:  Increases Hero DEF

※ For advanced reseaches, Hero Essence items are needed.

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