The War of Genesis: Battle of Antaria Game Airship Facilities
Q.What is Peace Shield

Peace Shield is for protecting your airship from attacks by opponents. It defends every attack except missile attacks.

Peace Shield can be activated by using peace shield items or using peace shield points.

※ When it is deactivated, there is no alarm for that.

※ Before deactivating peace shield, the time of the shield can be renewed by using peace shield items.

※ Even if you fire missiles, the shield is not deactivated.

◆ How to use Peace Shield and check the record

- How to use Peach Shield

: Airship -> Inventory -> Use Peace Shield

: In the field -> Quick Button "Airship Buffs" -> Peace Shield -> Use Peace Shield Points or Items

- How to check the record of Peace Shield

: Admiral Info -> Settings on the right-upper side -> Peace Shield Log

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