The War of Genesis: Battle of Antaria Game Airship Facilities
Q.What is Archive Room

You can read and watch the contents of GNSS stories.

There are Main Story, Sub Story, Custom Story, and Herodex

◆ The Contents at Archive Room

- The Antaria Saga: It displays remained time to open contents such as Storm Isle Conquest and War See

- Main Story: You can enjoy the contents of GNSS main story.

- Sub Story: You can enjoy the contents of GNSS sub-story.

- Custom Story: You can make your own contents and stories.

- Herodex: There are collections of heroes, which can give you buffs.

※ The first Admiral who achieved the content first will be recorded at the back of each  saga.

※ The record of Antaria Saga will be maintained until the server merge.

※ At Hero Derails, you can check out hero costume info and equip/unequip the costume.

At Hero Derails, you can select awaken/non-awaken hero appearance. In case of choosing non-awakened appearance, the effect based on hero rarity is not displayed.

※ Herodex Buff is given only if the collection is completed.

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