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What are the enemy ships attacking my Gates?
What do I have to do so that my Dominion is not attacked?
How do I move my Dominion?
How do I obtain equipment crafting materials?
How do I obtain the Golden Dice?
I attacked an enemy dominion and won, but I didn’t plunder any resources!
How can I obtain resources?
What do I do when I seen troops fiddling around on the ships in the Dominion.
What is "Assault"?
What are the icons that are shown on the Speed Up items?
How do I make equipment?
What’s the item icon located on the top of monsters?
I want to delete items from my Inventory!
The button to attack monsters is not activated.
How do I check the time left on the time-buff items I used?
What’s the "free" icon that pops up when I upgrade buildings?
I checked Marigold’s game tips but didn’t get any rewards.
Is there any way of knowing a player is using a scout interruption item?
I'm lower in rank even though my oppenant and I are the same power level!