Oceans and Empires Purchase Cancel Payment
I paid, but the products were not sent. (Cancellation Request) > Google Play

Do you want payment cancellation due to products not being sent?

First, we are truly sorry for the inconvenience.

Please check the needed information and then fill out the form below

to send to customer support for fast response.

1. Check Payment Information


Connect to the link and login with your Gmail ID > Check payment information

2. Follow the form below after checking the information and put in a 1:1 inquiry for fast support.

Inquires Address

[Go Straight to 1:1 Inquiries]


★ Payment Reference

- Market : Google Play Store

- Payment Date :

- Payment Amount :

- Contact :

- Gmail ID (Google Play Store Purchaser) :

- Payment Number :

- Joycity Member Number and ONE Lord Name :

※ If you have used some of the Gems after payment, it is impossible to cancel payment.

※ The market that you have paid through is responsible for payment cancellation.

So please understand that it may take several days before actual cancellation.

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