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Gunship Battle: Total Warfare FAQ Install and Run
PC Version FAQ

*How do I download the PC Version?

- You can download the game through the official Gunship Battle: Total Warfare website.

- Click the [Download the PC Version] button on the main screen to download the game!

*I installed the game, but it won’t run. What do I do?

- If you are given an [Insufficient Memory] error message, please follow the below instructions.

1. Run task manager and click on the process tab. Check the CPU usage of the different running programs and shutdown the programs that are utilizing too much memory.

2. Check if you have at least 1 GB of free space on your C: Drive.

- You can check how much storage space you have through ‘My PC’.

*I got an error message while playing. What do I do?

- Running a non-permitted program alongside Gunship Battle: Total Warfare can cause this error message to appear on your screen. Please restart your PC and log in again.

If you are unsure of which program caused the crash, please run the game and its related programs only.

 If the problem persists even though you shutdown outside programs, please restart the game.

*I’m getting a black screen after launching the game! I can only hear the introduction video! The game won’t play even if I click the skip button!

- This problem occurs if you do not have Windows Media installed.


Please find the correct Windows Media for your Windows version and install it before starting up the game.

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