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What is Field Boss?

Hidden field bosses appear all around Antaria.

■ Field Boss

 -  Field Boss appear in its own area. A certain time after being defeated, the boss will be re-spawned.

 - The boss is spawned randomly within its area.

 - The boss appears with invulnerable buff, and you can remove the buff through resolving patterns in the area.

■ Boss Area

 - Boss area is displayed with red lines, and alert will be activated once you get into the area.

 - You cannot activate protection shield while locating in the boss area.

 - You can attack the boss only if you are in the boss area.

   * However, if a rally leader is in boss area, the rally member do not have to be in the area.

■  Reward

 - Only the Admiral or Rally members who shot the final attack to defeat the boss will get rewarded.

  * Example 1. If an Admiral defeats the boss, all rewards will be given to the Admiral.

  * Example 2. If a Rally defeats the boss, all rewards will be distributed to the Rally members with an equal chance.

※ If a server is rebooted due to a maintenance or any other reason, the boss will be re-spawned  immediately.

※ If there is no space for the boss in the area, the boss will be spawned at the next turn after the cooltime.

※ Fog of War always exists in the boss area, and the fog disappears temporarily  if your Airship moves into the area.


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