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What is War Server? (*changed)

War Server is available for Lv.30 or above Admirals, which can enjoy PvP contents without losing owned resources.

  ◆   Features of War Server   

- PK points are not consumed to attack other Airships.   

- Admiral Level/Nickname/Title/Admiral Portrait/Guild Abbreviation/Skin will not be displayed.   

  ※   Temporary Nickname is given when you enter War Server.   

- War Server opens every Tuesday / Thursday / Sunday 00:00 & 12:00 UTC

- Increase Machina Movement & Airship Movement by 500% will be applied in War Server..

- Battle Speed will be increased in War Server. (*changed)

- Protection Shield is not able to be used in War Server.

- 1 minute-long Protection Shield will be applied once you enter War Server.


-  There will be areas created where you cannot locate your Airship  after a certain time passes.

  - If your Airship is located in the area, your Airship durability will be decreased gradually, and will be forced to return to your server once it becomes '0'.  

  - You cannot attack other admirals while staying in the area.  

  - The areas will be expanded gradually.  

 - Enhanced Lv. 1~64 monsters appear in War Server, and increased rewards & Admiral EXP will be obtained from hunting the monsters.

   * Field monsters in War Server are immune to Additional Damage based on target's ATK, DEF, or HP / Fatal Wound / Undeadfication / Decrease Max. HP.

   * Elite monsters & Machinas do not appear in War Server anymore.

 - If you use Unlimited Hunting Stamina item in War Server, its duration will be 1/6.


  ◆   Random Seasonal buffs   

- When you enter War Server, 1 buff related to battle & 1 functional buff will be randomly given.   

- The random buffs will be displayed as a rolling message at “War Server banner   ▶   War Server Notice”.   




  ◆   Temporary Resource   

- Resources obtained in War Server are classified as ‘Temporary Resource’ while you are playing in the server. Through PvP content in War Server, you can obtain & lose resources within your obtained Temporary Resource.

    * Even if you return to your server from war server before the War Server closes, you will be able to bring 100% resources obtained from War Server.    


  ◆   Pandragon Coin   

You can obtain the coins from defeating Airships or monsters in War Server. You can purchase Special Gear at Guild Shop with the coins.   


  ◆   “Collect Pandragon Coins” Mission   

- There is a mission “Collect Pandragon Coins” in War Server.   

- When you choose your mission, you can check the list of opponents who have similar power level with you.   

↘ You can find your opponents through the [Scout] icon.   

↘ If you defeat the opponent on the list, you can obtain lots of Pandragon Coins.   

  ※   If you warp your Airship, you are not scouted for 1 minute.   

- The locations of Rank 1~ 10 Admirals are displayed through ‘Glass’ icon at Rank Info.   

↘ Ranking opens 15 minutes after War Server opens.   

- When you clear your mission, Special Gear Box is given as a reward.   

↘ If you return to your original server before completing your mission, the missions & rank will be reset.   

  ※   Servers will be divided into War Server groups, and only Admirals in same War Server group can meet each other.   

  ※   When you return to your original server from War Server, it takes 1 minute.   

↘ During the time, you cannot attack any other Airships.

※ It has been updated on July 28th UTC.

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