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[1.40 Update] Fixed Upgrade for Goods

Now you can Upgrade your Goods in two ways.

Please find details below.

■ Goods Upgrade

- Random Upgrade: You will get a random ★5 Goods. (Same as ★1-3 Goods Upgrade)

- Fixed Upgrade: You will get the same Goods with ★5 Grade

※ ★4 Guardian's Shield > ★5 Guardian's Shield, ★5 Guardian's Shield > ★5 Shiny Guardian's Shield

You can only do Fixed Upgrade when you have a corresponding Catalyst for Goods you wish to Upgrade.

Also, you can find Catalysts from Catalyst Pack which can be bought from Luxury Shop.

■ How to get Goods Catalysts

- [Lobby] > [Shop] > [Luxury Shop] > [Goods] > [Catalyst Pack Ⅰ/Ⅱ]

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