2. Character Enhancement and Upgrade
We will tell you about enhancing and upgrading characters. ◆ Enhance Characters- How to enhance characters: [Lobby] > [Character] > [Enhancement/Upgrade]- Use enforcers and characters as materials to enhance the character you want.- Character stats increase upon enhancing the character.- Max levels are different depending on the character grades. ◆ Upgrade Characters- How to upgrade characters: [Lobby] > [Character] > [Enhancement/Upgrade]- Character’s Normal Upgrades: ★5 > ★5 GOLD > ★5 PLATINUM
Lost your Game Data? We will help you!
To all contestants of the Genius League!If you are having a trouble to login with your OLD game data,​here’s a step-by-step guide!- If you have synced your game data before you lost itFirst, please go to the login screen.You can access to the screen via Button at the top right corner of the tutorial screen.Second, Choose the way you have synced your game data before.​1) Email: Choose if you originally synced with your email2) Facebook: Choose if you originally synced with your Facebook account.3
1. Characters
We will tell you about characters in Game of Dice. ◆ How to Check Your Characters: [Lobby] > [Storage] > [Character] ◆ Equip Character- You can select the character you own to equip.- Tap the character you want to change and equip. ________.png◆ How to Check Your Character Stats_________.png- Tap the information button to check your equipped character’s stats. ◆ Equip Character Title______.png- Tap [Title] to equip the character title.- Character title will be available when you have all the cha
2. Skill Upgrade
We will tell you about upgrading Skill in Game of Dice. ◆ Enhance Skills- How to Enhance Skills : [Lobby] > [Storage] > [Skill Card] > [Enhance Skill]  > [Select a Skill to enhance] > [Select Materials] > [Change Buff]- Use Matching Jewels to fill up the Meter to 100% and apply a random buff.- You can change a Skill Buff by using Gold/Skill Buff Changer.- You can change a Skill Buff with Gold up to 3 times. ◆ Transcend Skills- You can add new stats by transcending Season 4 ★6 Infinity or above S
How do I sign up?
Joycity Platform is a comprehensive platform to support players to play all Joycity games with a single account.However, you do not have to sign-up to become a member of Joycity Platform to play Joycity games. You may play, save your data with ease by simply connecting your existing email, Facebook, or Google account with Joycity Platform.Joycity Platform < Start with Google account > Guide1. Run Joycity game application, select Start with Google account2. After game starts, go to 'Settings > Pr