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[Update 2.60] What is the Activity Reward and How can I get it?
[Update 2.60] I can't see any items on the map!
[2.40 Update] Tournament
[2.40 Update] Black Cards
[2.40 Update] How to Shop in JOYMall
[2.40 Update] Get All Mails
[2.40 Update] Changes in Guild Match Hours
[2.40 Update] Changes in Guild Emblem Recharge
[1.40 Update] Changes in Guild Quest
[1.40 Update] Changes in Accessing Collector's Album
[1.40 Update] Changes in Boost Item Selection
[1.40 Update] VIP Benefits for Time Capsules
[1.40 Update] Exchange Item
[1.40 Update] Changes in Description of Equipped Skill
[1.40 Update] Skill Lock
[1.40 Update] Character Lock
[1.40 Update] Goods Lock
[1.40 Update] Fixed Upgrade for Goods
[1.40 Update] Character Joker
[2.00 Update] New Map Lost City
[2.00 Update] Guild Master auto turn over System
[2.00 Update] Guild Contents Enforcing - Guild Activity Points and Guild Coins
[2.00 Update] Guild Contents Enforcing - Guild Emblem System
[2.00 Update] Guild Contents Enforcing - Guild Shop
[2.00 Update] Guild Contents Enforcing - Guild Check-in Reward
How can we draw characters?
How do you enhance characters?
How do you combine characters?
How do you sell characters?
How do you equip characters?
How do you create Dice?
How do you enhance Dice?
How do you equip Dice?
How do you sell Dice?
How do you get Skill Cards?
How do you combine Skill Cards?
How do you equip Skill Cards?
What is a Practice Mode?
What is Join a Table mode?
What is a Season Record?
What is a JOYmall?
How can you use the Chat function?
How do I join a guild?
I want to create a guild!
Is there waiting time to rejoin a guild?
What are daily guild check-in rewards?
What is Secret Clubs?
How do I participate in guild match?
What is Guild Match Rankings?
What is Luxury Shop?
What is Craft?