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[2.00 Update] Guild Contents Enforcing - Guild Emblem System

Guild Emblem has an effect that will affect all Guild Members

■ How to check Guild Emblem

[Lobby]> [Guild]> [Lobby]

You can increase each Guild Emblem's level by contributing Flame of Growth. Emblem's effects increases as its level increases.

Charged Guild Emblem can be activated by Guild Master/Admin

■ How to increase Guild Emblem level.

- [Lobby] > [Guild] > [Emblem]> [Contribute]

- You can grow Guild Emblem's level by contributing Flame of Growth (max 1 time per day)

You can only activate 100% charged Guild Emblem

Guild Members can charge the Emblem with Gold

■ How to charge Guild Emblem's Energy

- [Lobby] > [Guild] > [Emblem]> [Charging]

※ Gold will be consumed when charging

※ [Charging] button will be replaced to [Emblem Activation] when fully charged.

※ The guild Emblem's Energy will decrease to 0% over time. It will be deactivated once it reaches to 0.

※ Deactivated Guild Emblem needs to be charged fully again to reactivate

※ You can activate only one Guild Emblem at a time (simultaneously)

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