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I want to unlink my email!

If you'd like to disconnect, our Customer Center would like to take a look at your valuable information to help you.

Please fill out the form below carefully so we can get back to you quickly with accurate information.

■ Required information

- Member number:

- Admiral Number:

- Server:

- Admiral Name:

- Email to unlink: 

- Latest purchase receipt:

- Earliest purchase receipt:

※ Unlinking your account can be done through the Customer Center, and you must maintain at least one linked platform.

※ If you want to change your account link, you must first cancel it through the Customer Center and then link it with the link information you want to change to directly in the game.

※ During the process of unlinking your account, we may request additional documents to verify your identity, such as purchase receipts from a specific date.

※ If you are found to be in violation of the Operating Policy after account unlinking, you may be sanctioned according to the usage sanction criteria.

※ Damages and liabilities caused by sharing or selling accounts are the responsibility of the person who has the right to use the account, and we will not be able to help you.

■ How to check your Google receipt

[Access Google Payments Center] → [Sign in with your Google ID] → [Subscriptions and Services] → [Other purchase activities].

→ [View purchase history] → [Select a payment from your completed purchases] → [Check transaction ID].

→ [Screenshot of receipt with 17 digit number after GPA].

■ How to check iOS receipts

[Log in] → [Select the Receipts tab] → [Select the receipt details] → [Screenshot of the receipt with the transaction ID].

Example of transaction ID: MTV109****

[Google Pay Center]

[iOS payment history page]

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