The War of Genesis: Battle of Antaria Game Guild
What is "Storm Isle Battle"?

Just like the previous “Ruins Conquest”, all battles will be done with rally attacks with your guild members.

You need to occupy Ruins of 4 cardinal points or the central Storm Isle to win, and there will be various rewards given to the winners!

It will be done for 3 hours.

Once it begins, Ruins of 4 cardinal points open first. After an hour, the central Storm Isle will open. For as long as you occupy these areas, you will continue to collect points. If you participate in the battle, you will be able to get guild contribution, and the rewards will be given according to your contribution.

Once your heroes are injured in the battle, you need to wait for a certain time to re-use them.

Occupying Guilds can change the order of their guild members' Machinas for the defense.

◆ How to obtain Guild Contribution

- You can get Guild Contribution if you injure opponents' heroes while occupying Ruins or Storm Isle.

◆Special Buffs

 - Decrease cooltime for re-using corresponding type of heroes

  ▶ For example; if your guild is occupying Inferno Dungeon, cooltime for re-using Fire-type heroes will be decreased by 50%.

 - One the those 4 buffs is given randomly.

  ▶ Decrease Round Debuff by 75%

  ▶ Missile Attack can decrease 100% of enemy's Airship for a certain chance.

  ▶ Increase Machina  Movement by 200% for rallying.

  ▶ Increase Stationed Heroes' ATK, DEF, HP by 30%


 - Certain part of all hunting rewards will be collected as tax.

 - Special Title will be given to the Admiral who has the highest contribution.

※ If the rally leader’s Machina returns to the Airship, or if the leader is forced to return due to all heroes being injured, the rally will be disbanded even if they are occupying Ruins.

※ Only one rally attack can be done for each guild.

※ NPC Legions participate in Storm Isle Battle.

※ Collected tax will be distributed every 00:00 UTC to the occupying Guild.

※ The rewards will be given with weekly guild payout according to guild contribution.

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