The War of Genesis: Battle of Antaria Game Airship Facilities
Q. I want to know what is inside the "Trade Ship".

Please check below to see the details of the shops and contents in the Trade Ship.

◆ Shops and Contents

- Private Shop: You can trade your airship gear with other admirals.

You can register the item to sell with the amount and price.

- Stock Exchange: You can trade and exchange stocks of a listed guild.

You can trade stocks of the guild even if you are not the member of it.- Bazaar's Shop: You can use your diamond, Eld or Psi Energy to purchase various items at a discounted price.

- Event: There are Normal Challenge and Extreme Challenge.

You can get rewarded if you clear the missions within the time given and if you are ranked.

※ Only in case of that both buyer and seller are registered, actual Stock Trade is done.

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