The War of Genesis: Battle of Antaria Game Gear / Item
Q.What is Hero Gear

Hero Gear is a helpful item to lead the hero to victory easily.

Hero Gears can be obtained by hunting monsters or crafting & synthesizing at Forge.

Hero gears consist of 8 sets, which are Fortitude, Attack, Defense, Finesse, Focus, Deathblow, Accuracy, and Resistance Set.

When the hero equips the same set of gears, the effect of the set is activated.

※ Only after a certain battle, hero gears be obtained.

: You can check whether hero gears can be obtained through "Prepare for Battle" before attacking the monster.

◆ Craft Hero Gears

Airship -> Forge -> Hero Gear -> Craft

Airship -> Cabin -> Manage Gear -> Craft

- With consuming materials, you can craft gears.

※ Each Set is able to be crafted only if related research is done at Laboratory.

◆ Synthesize Hero Gears

Airship -> Forge -> Hero Gear -> Synthesize

Airship -> Cabin -> Manage Gear -> Synthesize

To synthesize gears, 5 gears with the same rank★ are needed with consuming Aedilium. After synthesizing the gear, a randomly chosen gear's rank ★ among the 5 gears will be upgraded. Rest of the gears will disappear.

※ It is impossible for rank★6 gears to upgrade the rank★ by synthesizing, only sub-options will be changed randomly.

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