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Q.How can I earn buffs?

◆ How to Earn Buffs

◆ How to Earn Buffs

- Laboratory: You can get buffs through research of leadership, battle, hero gear, and airship gear.

- Admiral Traits: With Admral Trait Points earned by admiral level-up, you can get buffs.

- Hero/Airship Gears: By equipping hero/airship gears, you can get buffs.

- Research of Machina: By research of machinas at Hangar, you can get buffs which make machinas stronger.

- VIP Buffs: Depending on your VIP level, you can get more buffs.

- Guild Traits: Through researching guild traits, you can earn various buffs.

- Title: If you hold title of Legionaire Rank, Shakbari's Hardship Ranking, Kashumir Joust Ranking, you will get buffs.

- Aedura System: There are 5 buffs which can be activated with their cooltime.

※ You can see Buff Status in Admiral Info.

※ Special buffs can be checked at Airship Buffs tab.

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