The War of Genesis: Battle of Antaria Game Admiral Info
Q.What is Admiral Info

* Admiral Info can be checked when you touch the profile picture on the Upper-Left side.


- When the EXP reaches the maximum, the Admiral will Level Up with the points for Admiral Traits.

- EXP can be obtained by hunting monsters and completing missions in the game.

◆ Stamina

- It needed for hunting monsters.

- Stamina is recovered after the cool time or can be recovered by using stamina items.

◆ Peace Shield Point

- The points are needed for activating airship shields.

- The activated peach shield by the points lasts for 8 hours but it is deactivated if you attack other admirals.

- After the cool time, the points are charged or can be charged by spending diamonds.

◆ Content Points

- Content Point is the number of times players use the content.

- Content Points can be charged after cool time or by using diamonds.

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