The War of Genesis: Battle of Antaria Game Guild
Q. What is "Guild Festival"?

Guild Festival consists of lots of missions which require cooperation among guild members. You can check out Guild Festival at Guild tab.

At [Guild Festival] [Mission Status] tab, you can check out missions assigned to your guild. When you complete the mission, the mission points will be added to your guild mission points.

Only one guild mission can be done by each member, and only 13 chances are given to each member. Therefore, cooperation will be really important.

Moreover, guild members will be able to obtain selected rewards when your guild achieves certain points.

Guild Festival Ranking

- Only guilds which obtain 10,000 or above points will be ranked.

- Airship Skin & Title will be given according to the ranking.

- The rewards will be given to Rank 1~50 guilds. The higher the rank is, the more guild members will get rewarded.

In case that only limited number of guild members obtain Guild Festival ranking rewards, the rewards will be given according to this order: “Guild Festival Points” ”Guild Contribution of the previous week” ”The date of joining the guild”.

※ The final Guild Festival Ranking can be different since it takes about 10 seconds to apply all points after the season ends.

Guild Festival season starts every Tuesday and ends every Sunday (UTC). After Monday break, the next season will begin.

During the Monday break period, you can receive the previous Guild Festival season rewards.

If you join or re-join the guild in the middle of Guild Festival season, you can participate from the next season.

You can obtain all stage rewards with Gems.

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