I have purchased but the package was not delivered. (Delivery request) > Google Play
We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.If you would like to request a delivery of purchased undelivered package, kindly fill up the form below and forward it to us.1. Verification of Payment Info- How to check Google payment info: Go to the link "https://payments.google.com/"-> Login -> Click "Subscriptions and services" -> Select the undelivered order -> Attach a screenshot of the invoice2. Kindly fill up the form below and forward it to us.◆ Form for billing inquiry- Name of commander:-
I would like to know the required device specifications to run TERA: Endless War.
Minimum required device specification to run TERA: Endless War is like below.[Android]◆ Minimum Device Specification: Android 5.0, Galaxy S6[iOS]◆ Minimum Device Specification: iOS 13.0, iPhone 6S
I lost my account.
In case of losing account, we are helping commanders to recover accounts after verifying account info.Kindly fill up the form below and forward it to us.◆ Form for account inquiry- Name of commander:- World(Server):- Commander level:- Headquarters level:- Linked account info:- Invoice of the first purchase:- Other account info: ex. heroes owned, the number of Crystalsl or Diamonds owned, the amount of resources owned, VIP level and etc.※ Please give us your game account details as much as you ca
When will my dominion be deactivated?
Your Dominion will be deactivated according to your inactive period. The period is like below.Headquarters Lv. 5 ~8: 12 hoursHeadquarters Lv. 9 ~14: 1 dayHeadquarters Lv. 15 ~18: 3 daysHeadquarters Lv. 19 ~28: 7 daysHeadquarters Lv. 29: 14 daysHeadquarters Lv. 30 or above: 30 daysEx) If your Castle Lv.10, if you become inactive for 1 day or more, your Dominion will be deactivated.Deactivated commander's castle, camp, and land disappear from the field. Castle is saved in a safe virtual place. In
I want to know how to link to my account.
In case of re-installation, or change of device, you can load your game date and continue playing, if you link your account.◆ How to link an account-> Enter the game > Tap the icon with three line bar(above the map icon) -> Account -> Link Account -> Google/Facebook/E-mailEach account can be linked with Google/Facebook/E-mail together. And, please refer to that your account may be in danger of loss if you use inactive email address.