Game of Dice Gameplay install/uninstall/errors
I can't seem to get game of dice to download on to my android phone.

Download is impossible when its embedded memory lacks the space. 

Although it is formed with external/internal memory, the application cannot be stored in external memory. 

Please execute the method shown below to secure more space for embedded memory.

1. Deleting applications & Internet cache

* Application : Click the application installed at 'Configuration-Application' and then click the 'Cache Deletion'/ 'Clear Cache' button 

* Internet : Execute Internet - Click to the menu key and then click the Cache Deletion' / 'Clear Cache' button at 'Configuration - Personal Info. Protection/Configuration' 

2. Deleting applications or information not in use

* Delete applications, photos, videos and other information stored in the internal memory which are currently not being used.

※ The cache deleting method may differ according to devices. Download is impossible in case of an android device when it's embedded memory lacks space.

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